We're running dedicated vmd(8) servers to host opinionated VMs.
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People are saying...

"you're awesome, OpenBSD 6.4 just released today and upgrade process already started even finished! Unfortunately, on my side, I can't be so fast."
Wesley974 (@wesley974)

"Thank you guys, @OpenBSDAms for supporting and providing an OpenBSD server."
Neeraj Pal (@_neerajpal)

“And thank you for first real public vmm/vmd deployment on #OpenBSD-current. You have business courage which is great! And you also keep in mind that without support of core #OpenBSD project this would not be possible. Kudos to you!”

Karel Gardas

"My blog https://stefan.arentz.ca is now running on an #OpenBSD VM, hosted by the wonderful people of @OpenBSDAms. OpenBSD is wonderful - it is all so well designed and documented. Also, I did not have to install a single additional package to get Let's Encrypt going!"
Stefan Arentz (@satefan)

"Looks great! 🐡🌈"
Bunq (@bunq)

"Imagine it is Sunday and you have nothing to do. Join https://openbsd.amsterdam/ to run OpenBSD VPS. Price for one virtual machine is €60 per year, of which €10 is donated to the OpenBSD Foundation to support #OpenBSD development. If you have any questions just ask @OpenBSDAms."
Vetelko (@vetelko)

"Thanks @romanzolotarev and @OpenBSDAms for your hosting service based on OpenBSD!"
Mathieu Kerjouan (@niamtokik)

"Such wow. Very vmd(8)."
Mike Larkin (@mlarkin2012)

“Ever since the work on #OpenBSD‘s vmm/vmd hypervisor started, I imagined that it would be cool if somebody could run a cloud service based on it. @OpenBSDAms does it first and they even tithe... err... donate 10% to OpenBSD. Nice work!”

Reyk Flöter

"@OpenBSDAms Hey over there! I think we like you! (This is a non-sexual-pure-technical tweet). Greetings from the mountains!"
Data Center Light (@datacenterlight)

"Got me a VM from @OpenBSDAms and running PHP 7.3 on it with OpenBSD httpd https://obsd-ams.ctors.net/"
Tom Van Looy (@tvlooy)

"I like the @OpenBSDAms initiative by @mischapeters: EUR 60/yr OpenBSD vmd(8) vm's, EUR 10 of which is donated to the OpenBSD Foundation: https://openbsd.amsterdam/ hosted in @XS4ALL IP space. May OpenBSD & @OpenBSDAms live long & prosper. #OpenBSD"
Matthijs R. Koot (@mrkoot)

“@OpenBSDAms Congrats on the HN mention. ☺️”

Bryan Steele

"Your service rocks!"
Wesley (@wesley974)

"Hey @romanzolotarev Thanks for providing ssg! It is helping me to (slowly) put my #OpenBSD musings into words. Later #FreeBSD will also follow! And @OpenBSDAms thank you for hosting! Anyone interested, let us know"
fd0 RCX (@fd0_nl)

"The etsh (v6shell) website is now running on @OpenBSDAms instead of @Vultr .. Now, it's time to finish prepping etsh-5.2.0 for release on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday .. Wheee ! #etsh #v6shell"
V6Shell(Jeff) (@v6shell)